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GrandHotel Acapulco
GrandHotel Acapulco GrandHotel Acapulco GrandHotel Acapulco

There are a variety of services and aquatic activities offered on the beach and they include: Water skiing, parachute, scuba diving, jet ski, tour by boat. There are also yacht rentals for fishing or leisure.

Activities and Watersports

Activities available in Acapulco include sailing, water ski, scuba diving, snorkeling, parachuting, golf, fishing and bungee jumping. You can find these and more activities near the Hotel.

For those of you who are looking for a fishing vessel, tournaments, yacht rentals, sailing races the Acapulco Yacht Club and the Acapulco Marina offer a long variety of annual events.

La Quebrada

This is one of Acapulco’s most famous and main attractions since 1934, This is where you can appreciate and watch the divers jump into the waves of the Pacific Ocean from a cliff with a height of 136 feet into a depth of 11 feet. This has been on of Mexico’s most important attraction and continues to be daily with event during the evenings and where you can appreciate better the divers jumping with torches.

San Diego Fort

Located on a mountaintop with a view of the bay, San Diego’s fort was built in 1616 and rebuilt after the 1776 earthquake. The fort served as a place where shipment arrivals and departures were monitored coming from the Manila Flotilla of cargo boats, It also served to protect the valuable flotilla from British and Dutch Pirates. The fort has a classic five point strength surrounded by a pit, and now has been converted into a fascinating museum, in its interior corridors you can find it’s Spanish/English shield of arms. Some of the displays focus on the cultural exchange between the Asia and the Old World, with very rare artifacts on display.

Hour of operations:

Tuesday to Sunday
9:30 am to 6:00 pm
Diego Rivera’s Mural

In this place famous artist Diego Riviera spent 18 months creating a 60 feet long mural out of shells, stone, and mosaics. This is also the place where the painter spent the last two years of his life.


A theme aqua park for children with a variety show of dolphins and seals. The park offers activities like the wave pool, water slides, among other attractions for the entire family.

Hour of operation:
Daily 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Casa de la Cultura

An archaeology museum and gallery with constantly changing exhibits.

Acapulco’s Botanical Garden

The botanic garden was open to the public on March 2nd, 2002. It is located at an altitude of between 200 and 400 meters above sea level, along the Sierra Madre. It has two streams running through it, one has waster running year round, while the second only carries water during the rainy season. The garden has tropical, semi humid weather with rain during summer months and dry weather during winter months.

In this tropical botanical garden you will find a great variety of native species of flora. Within you will find timber trees, fruit trees and flower blossoming tress. You will also find plants introduced from different parts of the world such as palm trees, cycads, heliconia, ginger, araceae, desert plants, ferns, bromeliad and orchids.
Hackett Bungee

For people who like a little adrenaline rush, you can find the bungee jump at Acapulco’s Condesa Beach. Open seven days a week.

Cruising the Bay

There are various bay excursions offered day and night, for both Acapulco bay and Puerto Marques bay. The day tours are a great way to see the beautiful waterfront mansions and a great way to enjoy live salsa music entertainment and dancing.

Rediscover Acapulco and enjoy a GRAND vacation or a GRAND Event at the Grand Hotel Acapulco & Convention Center!

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